Creative projects and workshops for children, young people and adults.

Each year we commission network members to deliver an extensive programme of participatory arts activities across Glasgow City.

This year we have already commissioned 3 projects in the North which all centred around The Scottish Refugee festival and we currently support The Bold Collective who are a group of young artists who nurture and promote youth participatory arts.

Our new fund will be open for applications of up to £3000 for individuals or organisations who fit into our new key themes:


We support work which celebrates diversity by recognising our differences, promoting equality and improving access to the arts for marginalized groups.  We support projects which specifically involves work with groups including but not limited to: Refugees & Asylum Seekers, the LBGT+, Young People, the Elderly, those with ill health or disabilities.


We support work which extends the reach of Artists and Organisations to communities which do not have adequate access to the arts. This may be due to isolation, geography, socio-economic status and other barriers. We particularly welcome pilot programmes. Projects must have a focus on sharing learning with others and by working together we will develop guidelines, share learning and reach communities where there is low provision of creative activities.


We seek to bring people together to promote and develop Participatory Arts programmes. We will actively support Artists and Organisations to work with each other and communities through partnership initiatives. Projects which have a clear plan to share learning and information are particularly encouraged.

Our Connect events offer an opportunity for practitioners to meet with each other, share ideas and to find ways of working together to benefit communities across Glasgow.

Those interested in applying for the fund can find the proposal form can be here. We are accepting applications until 31st October 2017.