Glasgow Connected Arts Network
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Glasgow Connected Arts Network

Glasgow Connected Arts Network (GCAN) is the city's artistic and cultural hub, focused on participatory arts projects for local communities.



Glasgow Connected Arts Network
Old Sheriff Court Building
105 Brunswick Street
G1 1TF



Hannah Justad
Executive Director

Rachel Walker
Youth Arts Coordinator

Glasgow Connected Arts Network is the cultural hub for the advancement of Participatory Arts.

Glasgow CAN CiC is invested in encouraging and maintaining public engagement, awareness and understanding of Participatory Arts in Glasgow. We facilitate skills and resource sharing, and the exchange of ideas, offering our Members access to invaluable training, partnership and networking opportunities.

We encourage collaboration and connection between artists and communities across Glasgow, and we regularly fund arts projects which seek to reach and engage new audiences. We aim to increase participation and learning in arts projects, to promote and advance the economic, social and cultural development of Glasgow, and reflect the diverse communities within it.

Download our 2018 Vision Document here.


Our Focus


We support work which celebrates diversity by recognising our differences, promoting equality and improving access to the arts for marginalized groups.  We support projects which specifically involves work with groups including but not limited to: Refugees & Asylum Seekers, the LBGT+, Young People, the Elderly, those with ill health or disabilities.


We support work which extends the reach of Artists and Organisations to communities which do not have adequate access to the arts. This may be due to isolation, geography, socio-economic status and other barriers. We particularly welcome pilot programmes. Projects must have a focus on sharing learning with others and by working together we will develop guidelines, share learning and reach communities where there is low provision of creative activities.


We seek to bring people together to promote and develop Participatory Arts programmes. We will actively support Artists and Organisations to work with each other and communities through partnership initiatives. Projects which have a clear plan to share learning and information are particularly encouraged.

Our Connect events offer an opportunity for practitioners to meet with each other, share ideas and to find ways of working together to benefit communities across Glasgow.

Our Newest Members:

World Wooden.jpg

The World Through Wooden Eyes

The World Through Wooden Eyes specialises in the development of creative puppet theatre and the design and construction of high quality puppets and masks.

katie armstrong.jpg

Agnes Jones

Agnes Jones is an artist blacksmith who uses a single line drawing style to make a range of both practical and sculptural works.